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Junior Hornets



Jr. Hornets Feeder Program

Who We Are:
The Jr. Hornet feeder program is a middle school age volleyball feeder Program for the High School team(s). We offer training from professional Volleyball Coach's and competition meant to introduce young players into the sport and also provide a highly competitive environment for those with more experience. This provides a clear path for any player from their time walking on the court, to when they enter into the high school ranks.
All run by a professional coaching staff  with a combined 34 years of experience.
"Feed the Dynasty" What it means:
This is not just a catchy phrase to put on a billboard. If a team wins one championship, that's an amazing accomplishment, but to do so many times in a row is considered a "dynasty". This is our challenge and Goal. To help the High School team become the top program in the state and to continue that year after year and forge a Dynasty of success.
To provide an encouraging positive environment where young athletes can develop their volleyball skills and knowledge to the highest level they are able in an organized Volleyball Program. A place where the "journey" of learning and growing as a volleyball player and a person is promoted at every aspect of the experience.

From a program standpoint our mission is to provide players of the highest quality to the RHS VB team in both playing skills and character. The purpose of the feeder is to give a pathway for players so that once they do reach the HS level, they are not only ready to play at a high level, but prepared for the rigors of a VB season. 

For beginners - 

This will be a window view that provides an introductory experience into the sport of volleyball that gives them a set of base skills they can use to grow in future years. It should not be expected in the short amount of time that we have, for these players to become superstars overnight. For these players this program is meant to ween them into the sport slowly in the hopes that they strive to continue their training through club or volleyball clinics. In other words they learn enough to play the sport and encourages them to master it at their own pace beyond the season. 
Expectations: Structured yet fun discipline ( Boundaries and guidelines as opposed to consequences ), fundamental skill work.

For Intermediate and Advanced - 
They will be challenged with many skill working drills that they already know and some that they may not. This is a forum provided to these players to try out new abilities, new positions, or further advance their knowledge of the game while providing them a "club-like" experience. While they will be trained to increase their already steady skill set, they will also be challenged to enhance that skill set.
Expectations: Structured fun sessions meant to challenge  Fundamentally based skill work with more advanced drills worked in.
For all levels, this is a program that is based on a positively reinforced, and competitively paced training. Were winning as a goal is still important, but we value the more important goal of teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.
Want to know more? Click on the "Jr. Hornet Program Information" document below.

Parent Volunteers and Future Boosters Needed:

Future Boosters Needed:


In addition to developing a pipeline of players we also need to have a steady pipeline of parents who wish to help with the program in a more dedicated way and become boosters themselves.

If you want to learn more about becoming an RHS Booster please reach out to the Roswell High School Booster Program ( )

Parent Volunteers Needed:


  1. Scorekeeping Coordinator (makes sure there is coverage for line judges, libero tracking, score flipper and score keeper). It is customary that the home team provide the primary score keeper, but it shows good sportsmanship to assign a parent or 2 to help at score table. Each team supplies a line judge for each game.
  2. Team Parent(s) (Team parent(s) are the front line communication for the Coaching Staff and are very important to the Feeder Program. They help manage and administrate the teams which helps make the coach's job easier.
  3. Fund-raising Coordinator (responsible for working with Booster Club to coordinate the Junior Hornets participation in fund-raising events) 

Chad Heath

Roswell High School Feeder Program Head Coach


Read what alumni are saying of our great program.

"My daughter’s love of volleyball started with the Roswell Junior Hornets program.  The experienced coaches and competitive match play have helped her improve her skills and fuel her desire to get better and compete at the high school level.  

The improvement of the girls from the first match of the season to the last match is always exciting for the players and for the parents."

Laurie Dostie ( Parent of Freshmen Leann Dostie RHS Varsity 2016 )
"After playing in the Roswell Rec volleyball program, my daughter was ready for additional instruction and competition.  We found that through her involvement in the Roswell Jr Hornets Program. 
This program prepared her well and gave her the confidence that she needed to join an area Club volleyball team.  That was four years ago and she is still going strong with her competitive club volleyball and high school volleyball teams. 
Thanks to the Roswell Jr Hornets Volleyball program, she has been able to continue to progress in the sport that she loves! "
Paige Mesaros ( Parent of Sarah Mesaros, RHS Varsity )